Comments from the Beach–July 20, 2010

I took Selam to the beach on Sunday. We did the swimming thing, the sand thing, the splash pad thing and the ice cream thing. She asked me what “those peoples” were doing–pointing to the folks lying out on blankets and towels. “Well, some are taking a nap.”
” And some are reading, and some are just lying there.”
“Well, they like to.”
“Well, some are tanning.”
“What’s that?”

Okay, I was clearly fumbling.

“Well, they want to make their skin browner, so they’re trying to get the sun to do that.”
“They like it.”
“Because brown skin is pretty.”
“Yes it is. But other colors can be pretty, too.”
“I like brown skin.”
“Me, too.”
“It’s so sad.”
“What is?”
“The peoples are browning instead of having pretty skin.”
“They don’t know the pink skin can be pretty like brown skin.”
“It is sad.”
“My brown skin is so pretty.”
“It is beautiful.”
“And sleeping on the sand is so sad.”
“When I’m four, I’m going to chew gum.”


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