Girlfriends guide to what’s hot and what’s not

first published October 8, 2009 on facebook

Okay, I know that I’ll be lucky to have any friends at all if I keep posting obnoxious kid stuff, but I can’t help it right now. I’ve known Selam 21 days now, so here are 21 things that she thinks are cool–and some things that she really doesn’t think are cool. The best part about this kid is the way in which she REALLY lets herself enjoy what she enjoys.

So, what’s hot:

1) Bananas aka Moosh
2) Chocolate Milk aka Choc-o-lat
3) Any toy that rolls
4) car–just driving around the block is a good time.
5) shoes aka chamas. Seriously, this kid is crazy for chamas. I think the only time she is not wearing shoes is in the bath—and I let her wear them to bed and take them off after she’s asleep.
6) Pajamas and jackets–preferably worn together.
7) Brushing her teeth (and eating the toothpaste–it’s baby toothpaste, but still)
8) Soff (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins). She prefers to use 10 or 12 at a time.
9) The Ethiopian version of the ABC song & If you’re Happy and You Know It
10) “Goodnight Moon” and “Guess How Much I Love You”–must be read every night.
11) “Always” –the song from Marquand Chapel–she sits in the car seat and sings “always we sing, always we praise, always we bess, always…”
12) “Musica” which is her name for the Ethiopian children’s music CD that I have. She especially likes the kookaloo song.
13) men. This girl likes her some men folk.
14) swings (as of today)
15) bubbles–in the bath
16) bubbles–the kind you blow
17) french fries
18) pretending to be a cat
19) pretending to be afraid of our cats but not really—she likes to play a string game with Theo.
20) chapstick (she pronounces it chapatick)
21) mama.

Things that are not hot:
1) bedtime
2) being asked not to wear her patent leather pink shoes to the playground
3) bedtime
4) bedtime
5) bedtime
6) have I mentioned bedtime?

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