Mama Always Said There’d Be Days Like This

October 24, 2009

My sister claims that mama never said there’d be days like this, but I think she just wasn’t listening.

It’s not really that bad of a day, but oy, what a week. We had baby’s first trip to the ER, baby’s 900th trip to the pediatrician, not one but TWO blood draws (international adoption clinic and then again in the ER), baby’s first temp exceeding 104, and baby’s first bout of, um, explosive bodily functions. Yay.

We are both feeling the effects of cabin fever. I’m praying tomorrow is the break in the rain of sickness that will get us out and at church at least, especially since her grandparents just gave her a very cute new Sunday dress.

She’s learning so much English. Her receptive English is growing by leaps and bounds. She understands nearly everything I say. She’s saying little phrases a lot like “sit down”, “come here”, “gramma’s asleep” (which grandma is usually not sleeping, but it’s just easier to say grandma’s sleeping than grandma lives in Illinois and just can’t come over right now.)

We have a little night-time ritual. I didn’t intend this one, but it just happened. After the books (3) but before the songs (a bajillion), she usually starts pointing to something in the room that would be much better than bed right now. And I say, “tomorrow.” Then she goes through this whole litany of things that will be tomorrow.

“books tomorrow?”
books tomorrow.
“colors tomorrow?”
colors tomorrow.
“feo tomorrow?”
Theo tomorrow
“pink tomorrow?”
pink tomorrow
“Juice tomorrow?”
juice tomorrow.
“cheerios tomorrow?”
“gramma tomorrow?”
“bapa tomorrow?”
“annjolie and unka tim tomorrow?”
“auntie ax tomorrow?”
“bubbles tomorrow?”
“selam tomorrow?”
“mama tomorrow?”
“america tomorrow?”

It always ends with “tomorrow?”
“yes, tomorrow. ”

And that, my friends, is the prayers of the people as written by Selam Lanalee.


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