What’s Hot and What’s Not: May 5, 2010

Now that she’s 3 and a HALF, Selam has more discerning tastes. Here’s what’s in:

1. Injera (of course) and anything.
2. macaroni and cheese (fortunately, she likes all kinds)
3. pizza
4. piscadetti
5. pancakes (and a mountain of syrup)
6. broccoli and sauce(ranch)
7. yogurt (especially if it’s in a Dora the insufferable Explorer cup)
8. pears
9. chocolate milk
10. strawberries

What’s NOT (Food)
1. tortillas
2. bagels
3. grilled cheese.
(I love all of the above).

What’s hot:
1. Pinkalicious
2. Trouble (Jane Kurtz)
3. Knuffle Bunny
4. Harold and the Purple Crayon and something about Dinosaurs
5. The Mommy Book (Todd Parr)
6. Red Fish, Blue Fish
7. Good Night Gorilla
8. Gossie and Gertie
9. Good Night Moon
10. The Kissing Hand

What’s not:
Are you serious? There’s no such thing as a bad book!!!

What’s hot
Licensed Characters That I Swore She’d Never See Because I’d Keep Her Too Busy Making Our Own Yogurt Which We’d Eat Out Of Wooden Bowls I’d Carve Myself:
1. Tinkerbelf (and I admit the ‘belf’ part does make me smile)
2. Elmo
3. Dora the Annoying Explorer
4. Bob the Builder

Dan Zanes
Ethiopian Music
Christopher Robin (House at Pooh Corner)
Various Camp Songs (Stars in the Sky is a recent favorite, but This Pretty Planet has been popular for a while)
Religious Songs (still a big fan of Canticle of the Turning)
Broadway (Good Night My Someone is a fave as is Put On Your Sunday Clothes)
Random Stuff that I make up!

Swing and the Slide
Playing with her toys: schoolbus and plane, barn, birthday cake and legos
Playing with random household objects. Lately this is a measuring tape, the lid to a can of shaving cream and a broken remote control
Jumping. Anything she can climb on and be jumped down from–unless I stop her.

“Matchato” as in “matches to” She will search and search to find something that matches. Even if it’s “I have eyes, you have eyes. Matchato you!”
“I am not happy.”
“Will you be my best friend?” (repeated about 2 trillion times a day.)
“Snuggly Buggly”
“I’m sick in the head.” (means that she has a cold)
“Can I have a spot?” (which means can I crawl into your bed with you at 3:30 a.m. when your defenses are down?)
“that is soooooooooooo sad.”
“Oop.” It’s just a singular oop, not plural.
“You made a stake.”
“Mommy and Selami. We are a family a cause of we love each other.” This is recited about 10 times a day.
“Where did he go?”

The World’s Most Annoying Mother

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