Sailor S

Today the Sunday School kids did a program. It was something that had to do with high seas adventure. It was mostly the kids singing along to a pre-recorded piece, and doing the dances.  Selam went to a few rehearsals over the course of the year–they were part of Sunday School classes.

So, the pre-schoolers were in the front rows. Some were on the floor and then others on the two steps leading to the chancel. Selam started on the floor.  Basically the routine was: the kids sang a song, sat down and the older kids did a skit, lather, rinse repeat. For Selam the routine was: sing a song, while the older kids are doing a skit, carefully scootch closer to the center of the action, stand up to sing a song, and quickly switch places with someone, lather, rinse repeat until third row (most visible) and center is—Selam. I do believe she was doing this in order to see better (they were projecting a video for the kids on a screen in the back of the church–the video had the dance moves) but it was pretty hilarious.

The kids also had sailor hats as costumes. Selam could barely keep hers on–the hair! She also decided that her headband was the problem, so she’d take it off before each song, put the hat on, and then throw the headband to her teacher. During the skit, she’d insist on retrieving the headband….so she could throw it again.

After the whole thing was over, I told her she was wonderful and took her hand to leave the church.  On her way out, she stopped the guy who was running the video projector and said, “I did awesome today.”

Ballet recital is Sunday.

It’s just too bad she’s so shy.


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