Farewell, sweet kitty

So, my sweet girlkitty died on Sunday. It was terrible. But really when is it not terrible? We were racing to get out of the house to drive to see my dad finish his bike ride. After the ride all of us were to spend the night at a hotel with a swimming pool. The end point was an hour and a bit away. I had not yet showered. I was racing to achieve that goal when I saw girlkitty. She was bleeding and panting. The bed where she was sleeping was soaked with blood. She was in pain.

I got in the shower, had a good sob, got out and made the phone call. We loaded up the car with things for our night away, and the kitty in the cage.

The wait at the animal hospital was dismal. The vet examined her and confirmed the diagnosis that I feared. She would die of natural causes after a week or two of pain, or we could euthanize her that day. I made that adult and terrible choice. Someone took Selam out to color. The veterinarian was kind and patient.

Then it was over.

The apartment is too empty.

My heart is full, though, with love given and love received. And that’s about all we can ask for in the time we have.

Rest in peace, sweet kitty. If there is a heaven for kitties, may it be full of slow moving mice, snuggly humans, and bathtubs with leaky faucets.

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14 thoughts on “Farewell, sweet kitty

  1. So sad for you. Even though I already knew. Your telling of the story makes me weep. I so identify with the pain of your loss.
    Blessings and hugs

  2. wow, I can’t imagine what it would be like without either of my ‘babies’. i’m so sorry you had to go through that. i’m sure there’s lots of pets getting extra hugs out there right now.

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