Wow. All of a sudden, my dashboard claims I have more than 3 readers…terribly exciting in these parts.  For a brief time, I was even number 6 on the list.  Those of you that know me, thanks for voting. Those that don’t and are just clicking through, welcome!  (And no, you’re not alone. For whatever reason, people seem to comment on facebook instead of on the blog itself.)

So why am I even interested in this contest? Well, once upon a time, I fancied myself an amateur writer.  I went to a workshop, worked on some pieces, submitted them and then got a whole collection of reject letters.  So, maybe I’m not a writer. But I do like putting word to paper, and it’s just more fun in somebody reads it.  I hope that I might get a few more readers out of the deal!!!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

(you can vote once a day.)




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