So, there’s this adoption tax credit. It used to be that you got it (if you qualified by income and the expense of your adoption), and then you had a certain number of years to use it to pay your taxes. This year that all switched and it became cash in hand. So this year, tons and tons of families are trying to get this money–families that would not have previously ever seen the cash. (For example, really large families with lots of deductions were unlikely to ever get the money from the benefit since they don’t pay that much tax.) I benefitted heavily last year, as Selam had not been home for 6 months and did not count as a deduction—so I paid more taxes than I do now and got a big chunk of change back. I expected to get smaller chunks back for a couple years–then they changed the rules, which meant that I was expecting to get three thousand and some odd dollars back. Sweet, huh? (Before you get jealous, there are families getting 65,000 back—be jealous of them–or well, not, since they’ve adopted 5 kids in 5 years).

So now that families are asking for this money, the IRS is getting grouchy–and auditing something like 80% of the families. Including mine. Of course, all the receipts that I used to claim my deduction last year are in an uber-organized manilla envelope. And I have a spreadsheet, which includes tons of small expenses that were hand written on a sheet of notebook paper, because they occurred in Ethiopia, and receipts are not really typical there. Also, it’s a different form of currency. And language. And alphabet. Oh, and some receipts are missing altogether. I have credit card statements for some of the missing ones, but not for a few big ones–like USCIS fees, which were huge.

Well, you know where this is going, don’t you? I’ve been audited. I have about 3 more weeks to come

up with paper receipts for everything and send them in. I’m taking a half day off of work on Thursday to work on it (I had to take a half day for Selam’s kindergarten orientation anyway). This is hanging over me like crazy. I know I spent that money, and I know I spent it for the right purposes, and yet I have this feeling like I’ve been called to the principal’s office and I’m trying to figure out what I did wrong.





2 thoughts on “Taxing

  1. Ugh — I’m so sorry. Good luck in getting the paperwork together, in staying cool and collected during the process, and remaining confident that you did nothing wrong!

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