Well, for a while I was in fourth place in the blog0mania, but it looks like I’ve lost that spot.  A newcomer to the contest has cranked in the votes and overtaken me. A lot of those below me are gaining, as well.  Oh well, if I can at least keep in the top 25 that will be good enough for me.   (And of course, even if I don’t,  nobody ever died from being the 27th most popular adoption blog.

I’ve clicked through to a lot of blogs on the list, and it’s an interesting mix.  There are a few first mother blogs, and I think one or two adoptee blogs (and at least one of them is both adoptive parent and adoptee).  A couple of them are for organizations. Several are professional bloggers–folks who get money or stuff in exchange for their blogging (though not a lot of money or stuff, I don’t think). A few are prospective parents who are mostly blogging to fundraise.  A lot are religious.

It’s funny. I’m professionally (both meanings of that word)  religious but not a religious blogger. (shrug).

All told, I’m just really grateful that 400 votes were cast so far in my name.  It really means a lot.

Thank you!

(And no, it’s not over–you have until June 21–you can vote once per day , although sometimes they kick you off if your computer is on the same network as someone else’s)




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