So, the orientation for Kindergarten was on Thursday. I left feeling utterly unprepared to have a kid in Grade K. I mean, seriously, they expect the kids to come to school every day at the same time.  And they pick the time? Also, there is no nap. None. And she eats cafeteria food–twice a day–which means she might learn there are foods other than mac and cheese and injera out there.  And–Selam was incensed at this one–there is no sand table.


Truthfully, what was most overwhelming to me was

  • the aggressive PTA person who wanted us all to sign up for teaching activities for after school enrichment.
  • the fact that it seemed like all the families had stay at home parents
  • who weren’t blinking an eye at this request to volunteer during the day.
  • have I mentioned the lack of a sand table?
  • and the really big kids that go there and claim to be kindergarteners but I don’t believe it for a minute?

I thought I was playing it cool with Selam. I kept telling her how awesome it all was–the music room and the art room and the library. But this morning she told me that she decided she didn’t want to go to kindergarten after all.

She thinks 8 might be a good time to go to kindergarten.

So do I.


Early and often, folks:


5 thoughts on “Kindergarten

  1. Elliot did kindergarten twice- once in a private place and this year with the public/private school split. We only half-day kindergarten in NH (because we are in the dark ages). The first day that I had to put him on a “big bus” and watch it pull away from me, I thought I was going to die from anxiety. It took some adjustment but he is doing fine now.

  2. If I could afford it AND if I could be guaranteed a spot at our magnet, I would totally have let Selam stay at her pre-school for kindergarten. What she says she wants to do is stay in prek4 with her teachers!!!! She’ll be fine when it happens…especially since it will be after about 2 weeks of lack of routine. Me? I don’t know!

  3. We have always found the anticipation of change to be the hardest thing–CG adapts in the moment, but looking forward to the moment can be agony.

    I hope S finds things to enjoy pretty quickly!

    Did you end up in the elementary school you want, btw? I remember some posts of yours in anticipation of the lottery.

  4. The PTA thing is freaking me out…so far I am dodging the bullet by being out of town this week so that Erik has to go to the Kindergarten orientation. Even though, in all liklihood, I will be a stay at home mom in the fall, I STILL don’t really want to sign up for this stuff. I’m begging Erik to rush to the sign up sheet and sign me up as something like: “Lady who brings festive napkins once or twice.”

    Seriously, I’m all for it takes a village to raise a child, but we’ve got a problem on our hands when we can’t fund schools well enough to function without a giant list of volunteer duties for the parents.

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