My inner competitor

When my sister was very small, like first or second grade, she blazed through book after book in a reading contest, with the sole goal of  “beating out Jeffy.” Yup, Jeffy weighed like 12 pounds dripping wet, but my freckled face sister had big dreams. That little reader was going dooooooooowwwwwwwn.

You know, I still don’t remember whether or not she managed to beat out Jeffy.  I imagine she did. Up until this contest, I always thought that the competitive gene went to my sister and I didn’t have it.

I was wrong.

As this little contest has moved on, I went from a) “making top 25 would be great,” to b) “I deserve the fourth place spot, and nobody’s taking it from me,” to c) ” meh, top 25 is great, “to d) “how DARE theeyesofmyeyes be moved to fourth place? “to e)my newest realization which is this: the top three bloggers are all sponsored. They get money from companies to pay for advertising on their blogs, so they both already have a lot of readers (or the sponsors wouldn’t have bothered with them) and they have a reason to want to be high up in the rankings (more clicks=more sponsors).  So I’ve decided that they are in a totally different league. Zip, they are gone from the list. I mean, yes, they are on the list, but they are not worrisome.  Therefore, the contest rankings according to Susan are

1) The Eyes of My Eyes (the woman raised enough money to build a school for pete’s sake. She’s number one!)

2) me.

See, how my creative math figures things in my favor?

You should see me with taxes!


5 thoughts on “My inner competitor

  1. I know.. the crazy amount of money she has raised just makes me say wow… wish I had that ability.. but seriously the others have sponsors?? Like ads? That seems kind of unfair to me. But anyhow I voted again… I’ll link to my sad little blog and maybe I can get you 5 more.

  2. I love your logic: just pretend the big fish aren’t there. This is totally how I operate when I think about my “place” in the semi-professional pond in which I swim. I don’t have a blog, but I’ve been asking my IRL friends to vote for you. Too bad I only have about three friends… 🙂 BTW, I’m loving that you’re writing more stuff for all of us to read!

  3. I think you shouldn’t be allowed to win if Jenny does not approve! Eyes of my eyes has moved back into 3rd place, which is cool.

    The best part–there’s no prize for this. You just get interviewed and the interview goes out to their members! But just in case Morose Maids decides to kick in a big prize…..

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