Ducky doodle

I have always called Selam  “Ducky.” I’m not entirely sure when it started–Ethiopia? America? She has just always been my ducky.  She follows me around like one. She used to have a cute little waddle. She’s my duck.  As she’s grown, she’s started to reject a lot of the other names I’ve called her on and off. “Don’t call me french fry, Mommy, I’m your Ducky Do”

The nerve.

Last week, her cousins sent her a box of cool handmedowns and included was a duck costume.  She wore it constantly. We had 90 degree temps last week.  I only have air conditioning in the bedrooms. She wore it. She even wore it to bed.  Then she let it go for a couple days.


Today she wore it to school. She put it on and waddled and flapped her arms all the way from the car to her room.  I hear she wore it until outside play, and then put it back on for nap, removing it only for outside play again. After school, I took her to play on the playscape with a classmate. In the duck costume.

I tried to talk her out of wearing it outside our apartment. I was afraid people would laugh and she’d be crushed. But the opposite was true. Everywhere she went, she got nothing but accolades. And when she received a compliment, she was so polite. Her response?


I love that girl.


3 thoughts on “Ducky doodle

  1. My grandmother always called me her little duckie. I love that. I always thought if I had a kid, I would call him/her my little duckie, but instead, I have my little sweetpea instead. But I have a real fondness for little duckies. Lucky you.

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