Bullets of us

I’m too worn out for a full post today. Here are some bullets of us:

  • We made 8 boo boo bunnies tonight. She loves the dingy old boo boo bunny that I had received as a wedding favor many, many years ago, and has been begging me to get the googly eyes and noses so we can make some of our own.  We’re giving some to her school.  I don’t know that they want them, but Selam is convinced that they need them.
  • I’m becoming all social-media savvy for work. I’m not sure how I feel about that.
  • I attempted red beans and rice in the crock pot and it was too sweet–she still liked it, though!  I’d been making just red beans, rice and garlic salt, but then we had some in a restaurant with the whole sauce, and I tried. I’ll have to keep tinkering with it.
  • I’ve put in a request for a few days a week of flex time next year, meaning I’d pick Selam up from school, but then go back to work online after she goes to bed. I’d so love that, and it would make the mountains of appointments so much easier.
  • It’s cold here. Odd.
  • I am supplying the same church every Sunday but two this summer. (And one of the Sundays off, I’m supplying a different church).  I’m grateful to get to preach so often (and such yummy texts)but I’m starting to think that maybe I should have scheduled a week off somewhere in the summer.
  • Selam is becoming a PK. There’s a whole post in that one somewhere.
  • I kind of hate the TV show about the cat in the hat. Like it makes my skin crawl.
  • Selam has a birthday party this weekend and so far, her gift idea is a princess dress or a puppy or blue socks. I’m sure the birthday boy will be thrilled with any of those items. I’m sure the birthday boy’s parents will be a delighted with a puppy.  (“A real one, named Worter, mommy.And we’ll buy some food, too, so they don’t have to go to the store until tomorrow.”)
  • Looks like I’m crashing to the bottom of the contest.  Hope I can at least stay in the top 25. Two people overtook me in the last hour and a whole bunch more are nipping.  The irritating thing is that for some reason they will not let me vote from work at all.
  • I’m almost ready for the tax audit.  I’m holding off on a social security number to arrive. Everything is documented and in the chart. I also need to get all the documents in order, I guess.
  • I’m really, really tired today.  Guess it’s the weather.
  • How’s about you-all. How are you?

2 thoughts on “Bullets of us

  1. Is it the fact that the kids ask for permission from their mom to go with the Cat in the Hat and she thinks they are kidding and she just lets them go? Kinda freaks me out too.

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