Bullets o postage

Oh, my, it’s been a couple days and I’m a bit too, too to put together coherent paragraphs, so some bullets of a post.

  • My assistant is leaving on Friday.  There’s a sense of panicking in my office and life. There are only 3! days!left! to get everything that ever needs to be done, done. (I’m also moving back to just one full time job–imagine that–so I’m losing her in particular and the concept of an assistant in general.) I do not want her to go.  We have become friends. I do not want her to go.  Not at all. (Because you know it’s really all about me, and who else is going to listen to my morning updates-o-Selam? and tolerate my teasing her about her crazy, insane diet and exercise practices?) Alas, against my wishes, she and her beloved are moving away to happily ever after.  I’ll see her again at her wedding, but still….
  • Selam is struuuuuuuggling at school.  For the first time in a long time, she doesn’t want to go.  She’s going to love it once they switch to summer, but the transition is way too long.  Today, when I went to pick her up, she was sitting right at the gate, just staring at it, willing it to open. (Insert the sound of my heart breaking  right here.)
  • So, I guess we’re both doing transitions.
  • My home is a disaster area right now.  The laundry–oh, the laundry–it’s a mountain.  It’s massive laundromat trip time.  I’m trying to hold off until Saturday.
  • Next week, I’m taking time off from work to mourn and pout the departure of my assistant readjust to summer.  I have some vacation days that I will lose if I don’t use, so I’m taking a week off to clean. Yes, clean. Seriously, I made a resolution for New Year’s about eliminating 100 bags of stuff from the apartment.  I have 92 to go.  My bedroom is in need of a VERY HARDCORE weeding.  Selam’s closet is an utter disaster, as well.  In her case, it’s not having too many clothes that she never wears (that would be my closets, yes closets-plural), it’s that she has received several boxes of hand-me-downs that are too big for her, and I’ve just sort of piled them in there. They need to be sorted and put away. There might be a few things that are small enough to give away, too. And then there are the toys. Oh, the toys.  So, basically I plan on taking the week to sort through my bedroom, her bedroom and the bathroom (aka the place where toiletries go to breed and reproduce).  I also need to get some car repairs done, work on Selam’s life book, and haul 7 bags of books to the Book Bank.  I’m hoping, also, to swim a bit.  Yes, normal people take vacation to relax.
  • I got Selam a new swimsuit that she calls a “belly suit.”  It’s really a tankini, but she’s very excited about it.
  • I have 3 days at the end of August/early September where Selam is between pre-school and kindergarten and I have no other options for child care (she’ll already spend time at Camp Grandma and Camp Bapa). So I want to do a little vacation.  Probably one night is all I can swing, unless we go camping.  I’m looking for East Coastish suggestions.  Must involve swimming.
  • The contest wraps up in 2 hours.  It’s been a wild ride.  I might still make top 5, despite being pretty new and small. I am so, so, so, so grateful for my friends and family that have voted, talked their friends into voted, put it out on facebook and twitter. You are amazing. (And if it’s before 5 p.m. PST, feel free to throw another vote my way: http://www.circleofmoms.com/blogger/sky-laughing?reload=1)
  • Selam wrote a sweet story at school about her adoption. It’s about Ato Teklu, but also somehow mixes in the Meskel Day–that I told her about–and the Meskel Daisies (which is how I decorated her room). I’m sending it to our agency to send to Ato Teklu (the attorney/social worker/all things adoption man from ET).
  • I vacuumed the car today. It’s probably a bad thing if the $1.50 for 5 minutes vacuum only gets you through one seat, huh?

2 thoughts on “Bullets o postage

  1. Good luck on you 95 bags. Maybe next week you could scale it down a bit and go for maybe 10 or something. I like to keep my expectations low so then I am bound to meet my goal. Also, cleaning without a mess maker working behind you is the way to go! I cleaned my living room yesterday and it’s already coated with toys…. again. Sigh…..

  2. Oh Jill, that’s the goal for the year, and given that I have just one child who grows like a weed, and a truly embarrassing amount of clothes in my closets, it’s not too out of reach. I may not make it, but I’ll probably be close by December. I’m a bit of a packrat….but a packrat who does not like too much clutter….riddle in an enigma, that’s me! I know I could hit the whole 25 if I just spent time in my basement storage cage which is 95% stuff that needs to be pitched. But that place scares me!!!

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