A Sunday in June

One Sunday in June–church, surprise classmate meetup, surprise blogger meet up, mommy fail, and dinner. (This is like in CNN, where even if an article is only 2 paragraphs long, they feel the need to give you the bullet points up front.)

So, I did not have to preach at church this morning, because there was an outside group that came to sing and give testimonials. I did have to write all the prayers, give the kids sermon and lead the service, so I didn’t get off scot free, but it was nice not to have to spend Saturday panicking.  There’s a little girl Selam’s age who goes there that Selam really likes and today not only was she at church but she was there early, which meant she could show Selam all the fun games at their church–namely run around the round tables and turn somersaults in the fellowship hall.  She was so successful at these church gymnastics that Selam came home with a torn dress.

During the service, I sat with Selam at first, since the upfront area was reserved for the 40 guys who were leading worship (it was a men’s only addiction transformation program).  I got up to lead the opening prayer and during that, Selam got up out of her seat and went forward to the little communion railing and just stood at the railing and looked up at me with pleading eyes.  I wish I could have captured it on film. Poor little PK.  During the children’s sermon, she decided to lie down on the floor and grab one ankle with two hands. fortunately, I was able to just sit down on the floor, rather than risk danger to life and limb. During the coffee hour, she made her own set of rounds, showing many admiring congregants her dress and shiny shoes.  It’s funny, Selam is new to this PK business but she seems to have it down pat already.

After church, we decided to stop at the zoo.  It took me a while to manage things at the check in. Our membership had expired, and I had to re-register (but score! I found an even cheaper rate this time!). Anyway, while I was filling out paperwork, Selam turned around and saw G! with whom! she goes to school! every day! but it’s so much more! exciting! to see! your friend! at the zoo!!!!!!! There was much squealing and hugging afoot. So we decided to hang out at the zoo together.

Here’s the bad mom part. Selam didn’t have lunch. She had treats at coffee hour and wasn’t hungry, so I decided we’d eat at the zoo. But then we had these companions and it just got weird to be asking to stop and get Selam some lunch, especially since lunch is never fast at the zoo,and she had not yet decided she was hungry. But then she was. And with Selam, there’s not much time between hungry and meltdown. She saw kennel corn popcorn and wanted it, so I got it for her, to share with her friend, with the idea that she’d eat some and then we’d get food. Well, next thing that happened, we were  going to a puppet show and the girls were still digging into the popcorn, and my child had not had decent food since 8 a.m. Mommy fail. She was also tired.  She’d run around like a wild woman at church and the zoo was a lot of walking, and she was drooooping.  I think she ate a half of a decent sized bag of kettle corn. There are nutrients in that, right?

While we were walking around, though, I did have a surreal experience.  I saw two little boys and I knew right away that they were Ethiopian. (You know how gay folks have gay dar? I have Ethiopiadar.)  They look so familiar to me, and then I realized that they were Dash and Taye of http://myfamilymyjourney.blogspot.com/!  I asked the mom of the family “Um, do you have a blog?” and then admitted to being a devoted reader.  The boys are more beautiful in real life than even on the blog. They have these perfect ringlet curls….wow.

Selam had tons of fun running through the zoo with her classmate G (who is one of the kids who will go to her kindergarten next year, too) They were awfully cute together.  I don’t ordinarily post pictures of other people’s kids, but I think a rear view wouldn’t be inappropriate.

The day ended with what was supposed to be a puppet show, but was mostly a singalong.  The girls kept eating their kennel corn, and sang with gusto.  By the last song, they were a little spacey, and crawled in back to dig in the dirt for a while, and then stood up and did a little dance together.  I don’t know much about this dance. Was it something they knew from ballet class? Was it made up on the spot, by the intuition of little girls in shorts and bucket hats, fueled by kennel corn and excitement and the sniff of something wilder than yesterday in the air?

I guess I’ll never know.

3 thoughts on “A Sunday in June

  1. I can just see her at church grasping your ankle….but can also see her making her rounds. How fun! to meet up with her friend! at the zoo!

    Please don’t tell me the boys are even more gorgeous in person. I didn’t think that was possible.

  2. One day of popcorn diet is totally fine. Apparently the nutritionists say that if they have a reasonable balance in the course of a week you’re doing okay. Which I keep telling myself when the little man goes on a mini-wheat binge.

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