Raindrops on Roses

So today was the first day of my so called staycation. I hadn’t realized that with our new vacation policy I could lose vacation days. Once I figured it out, I signed up for the last possible days in the fiscal year. I spent 8 hours today and culled through 4 bookcases, 2 dressers, piles and piles of jewelry, and a bunch of scarves.  I have 6 bags for the book barn, and 2 for Goodwill so far.  Tomorrow, I’m taking on the closet(s) in my room. Don’t I have an exciting life?  It’s crazy to look at stuff that I’ve accumulated and think, “I really moved this—several times?”  Today, I discarded a whole bag full of paperback copies of classic books. It’s crazy to keep them when these are easy to get from the library.  I know why I’ve moved them around all these years, though–they’re classics and it seems like well read people should have them. And clearly letting them gather dust in my bedroom proves how well read I am!

My rules are that I don’t get to count those bags until they are all the way to the donation center, so I’m still at 8 for the year.  The goal is to be up to at least 20 by week’s end.  I don’t think I’m going to make my 100 bag goal this year, but if I get a few days to dig out my storage space in the basement, I expect I’ll be giving away a LOT of stuff!  (That room just scares me it’s such a disaster, but it would take me probably 3 days to dig through it…..I keep thinking someday I’ll just move and it’ll be easier to sort out.)

Selam did well on her first day of camp.  It’s still a little bit of transition. There are 3 kids who are staying until Thursday, since they’ve paid to the end of the month, and the three kids who are transitioning from the kindergarten class won’t be starting until Friday.  The teachers said she was a bit “off” today–quiet and lower energy than usual. I suspect it’s just her transition thing.

Okay, on to my raindrops on roses thing.  I have benefitted from other people telling me about their favorite kid stuff, so here’s some of my favorite summer kid stuff. (And no, I’m not getting anything from these companies, and yes, I paid for this stuff with my own money.)

So here are the three things I’m totally digging right now:

Stuck on You name labels.  I bought a bunch of these when Selam was first home.  I knew she couldn’t read yet and didn’t have the English to have conversations about which stuff was hers, so I got these, and picked a logo that she would recognize (she uses the flower one–her room is daisies, too).  These have been great. She learned to look for her stickers on things and sort out what was hers pretty fast.  The clothing labels (we get the small ones) stay on just great and do not scratch.  Surprisingly, our other favorite is the teeny pencil stickers.  They fit in lots of places and are bright enough that she can find her stuff. I would never put them on a pencil, though. Seriously?  We have mountains of pencils. If she loses one, we’ll get over it.  Speaking of losing–we have lost only one thing since Selam started at day care–a red head band. Everything else makes its way home.

Saltwater Canvas beach bags. We got ours off of the sale page. It appears that they’ve gotten much more popular in the last year–I don’t see the sale page anymore. The whale bag is ENORMOUS! It holds everything you can think of and more.  The sand doesn’t stay in it–shake and go.  The pail bag is the perfect size for Selam. We use it for her beach toys.  She carries it herself. Before we leave the beach we rinse the stuff off  by just putting the whole bag under the foot wash spigots for a minute. Shake and it’s good to go.  Outside pockets on both bags are really handy.

Lunchskins for the lunch box. We got these last fall and have not purchased ziplocks or sandwich bags since. They wash up in the dishwasher (honestly if it were harder than that, I probably would never use them–I’m a bit lazy).  We haven’t lost a single one.  (I was worried they’d go in the trash bin at school, but not yet!).  We use the big “sub sized” one to keep her wet swimming suit in her backpack. (I hadn’t meant to get one that size, and was glad to find a use for it after I accidentally got it).  If you’re interested, google “Lunchskins coupon” before you buy. There’s almost always a coupon somewhere.

You know what’s NOT my favorite thing? guidebooks. Apparently, I have some sort of mental illness that makes me buy guide books to every place I’ve ever visited. What a waste of money. If you ever see me heading to a counter with a photo book about some cathedral or museum, stop me!



9 thoughts on “Raindrops on Roses

    • The key to the lunchskins, if you go the homemade route, is that they are made out of pastry bags, which are great for keeping freshness, and are also dishwasher safe.

      They have a few cuter designs right now, and I’m wishing I had them, but honestly, our set is not even a little worse for wear….and next year, there’s free! hot! lunch!!

  1. Thanks for info about the lunchskins! I usually use containers, but sometimes I still resort to plastic bags. I’ll definately buy a few of these!

    Sara S.

  2. Ooh! I’ve been meaning to do something like lunchskins too… now that B has moved up to the 2-yr-old room, she’s supposed to have containers she can open herself.

  3. Since I’ve been on weight watchers I’ve been cleaning out my closets and drawers a bit at a time, and I’ve been having that same “*WHY* did I move *THAT*? experience…and in my case I’ve probably moved it more that once.

    I have some fairly nice work clothes to get rid of … is there a better place to take them than Goodwill? (and by better I mean a place that helps women be prepared for interviews and new jobs, etc…there was a place like that in one of the places I used to live.)

    • I don’t know of any locally. I used to bring things to a consignment shop as I know there are places that give consignment coupons to folks, but honestly, it was just too much work…

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