The worst is over

It’s sort of like moving, but without the part where you get to look forward to a new home, where everything is super shiny and clean for a while.  Anyway, I’ve finished almost everything I said I’d do.  I still need to regular clean the apartment, run a gazillion errands, and write a sermon. Fortunately, I have two days in which to do that (three counting Saturday).

I’ve enclosed some pictures, which show my progress. They also show Selam’s disgusting pink gloves.  I had to take a picture before throwing them out . She has new ones now (yay, Target dollar bin right before Easter).  Yes, I washed these. Multiple times. She just wore them so often….I almost kept them for sentimental reasons.

So, tonight while I was vacuuming out her room, Selam kept coming in to make announcements. She does this fairly often when I’m busy. I have no idea where her head comes up with these things.


“Mommy, mommy!”


“Cows can be very friendly.”


exit stage left.


“Some people can jump really, really high.”

“Uh, huh.”

exit stage left


“Boys show their bellies when they swim.”

“They do.”

exit stage left


“Teacher Sarah has a tattoo.”

“She does?”



“How many sleeps ’til Gramma and Bapa?”


“How many sleeps ’til Lily?”







“Do vacuum cleaners toot?”

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