More home improvement blather

Today I made a single purchase that I think is going to make my life far more complete.

I bought a pants hanger.

I saw this post, or rather one like it somewhere but this is the one that google pulled up for me.

I’m going to use mine to organize all of Selam’s head bands and hair scrunchies and doo dads.

I told you. My life is now complete.

I know. All two of you are hoping my vacation is over soon and I go back to work and have less time to pretend to be domestic.


2 thoughts on “More home improvement blather

  1. yeah, but I just decided to quit. I had a whole bunch more stuff on the list to clean out but I can’t take it anymore, so I am not really a cleaning ninja. Just a ninja in training. And my floors were so dirty that vacuuming them broke the machine!

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