wake up, wake up you sleepy head!

So today was a big errand running day (seriously, how do other people get these things done?) but I finished a little early, so I thought I’d spring Selam from day care.  I got there at 3:50 and the kids were all asleep.  The teacher told me that the kids had walked to the big camp, gone swimming in the outdoor pool, had a picnic lunch, gone to Israeli culture class, walked back down the big hill and then had a nap.  She said that the average amount of time from on their mats to snoring was approximately 2 seconds. So at 4 they woke them up (they’d been asleep for an hour).  I tried to wake up Selam up.  It was like waking the dead. She was EXHAUSTED. Once I got her up and out of the room, she insisted on sitting on one of the big arm chairs in the hallway and snuggling for a while. Poor sleepy bear.

So now I know the secret to getting my duck to sleep: two long walks, a swim, and an Israeli culture class!


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