Big Momma and Selam

(by way of explanation, we just read this book, and Selam really, really liked it.)

“Big Momma made me. And my kitty.And my Ethiopia. And my curly hair.”


“And Big Momma made you.”


“G (girl at school) says Big Momma isn’t true.”

“She did?”

“She said God made the world.”

“And what did you say?”

” I said yes. God’s first name is Big Momma and her last name is God.”


“She said God is a boy, and his first name is Mr.”

“And what did you say?”

“That’s silly. If a boy made the world, everything would be too tall because daddies are taller, and then nobody could reach. So Big Momma made the world because she’s in the middle.”



4 thoughts on “Big Momma and Selam

  1. I love the things that kids say. I was just telling my friend about the “Jesus/Cheeze-its” story where I thought Elliot said “Jesus” and he really said “Cheeze-its” and then later got in trouble for saying “Jesus” on the bus because I inadvertantly taught him the word. Parenting! Hardest job that I’ve ever loved…. most days.

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