Hello, Blog

Yes, I sort of forgot about the blog for a while there, didn’t I?

Well, to recap the last 10 days.

  • finished up the staycation/cleaning festival
  • preached at Church1
  • immediately after church, drove to H family for a fun fourth of July weekend, highlighted by 4 beautiful little PKs having lots of fun together (when Selam wasn’t breaking their toys.)
  • came back to work, and a half hour after I arrived (after over a week of vacation naturally), Selam threw up in the pool and I had to go get her.  She was fine. She’d just swallowed pool water, but you know school rules.
  • Worked a whopping 2 days, and then took a day off to take a 3 day weekend with my parents, sister, brother in law, and neices in Boston.  We were there to celebrate my parent’s 50th anniversary.  Highlights of the weekend included lots of super cute moments with the cousins.  Selam’s older cousins (my beautiful, smart, perfect neices) are nearly 12 and nearly 14.Selam thinks they hung the moon. They are VERY sweet with her, and she had a great time being near the greatness that is cousin C and Cousin B.  She also enjoyed time with grandparents and her aunt and uncle.  The nice thing about a small family is that she has only one of everything (except cousins–she has 2 of those).  We looooooooooooved the Museum  of Science, and also really enjoyed the Aquarium.  We had yummy seafood and pasta.  We put together a little presentation for my folks that was fun.  Best of all, I think, in terms of the organized entertainment, was the Duck tour.  Yup, we rode around in one of those weird bus/boat things. Our driver was hilarious but best of all—he did this schtick where a few kids got to take a little spin at driving the boat. Guess who got picked? Yes. She was totally the cat that swallowed the canary about getting to drive the boat!!
  • Took the train back, arrived home in the middle of the night, woke up this morning, and went back to our regular lives. Selam had school, which included her first day of hip-hop class. I headed back to work where I began the process of moving my office for the 90millionth time.
  • Future summer plans are more stationery.  We are sleeping in our own beds until late August, but next week there is a special surprise for Selam: we’re going to see the Wiggles. I bought the tickets ages ago, and almost forgot about them. She’s going to be so excited.
  • I hope they serve alcohol.

2 thoughts on “Hello, Blog

  1. I had forgotten that post, Susan! Thanks for refreshing!

    I joke about the wiggles because they can be a bit much, but seriously, this was Selam’s first Western thing. They had Wiggles episodes (from Australia) on the little TV on our flight from Ethiopia to the US. Selam watched those nearly nonstop. I feel guilty now that I didn’t realize how terrified she was during that flight. She would not sleep, did not sleep–I thought she was being ornery but really I think she was just afraid. And those Wiggles with all their repitition and their silly costumes just made her smile. So she put on those earphones and kept watching. I’d estimate she watched the Wiggles for at least half of the 24 hours of flying time that we had. And probably more.

    When my mom sent us a Wiggles DVD, she erupted in joy. She was home barely a month at the time and had barely any English, but repitition and silly costumes are apparently universals.

    So they annoy me and also hold a special place in my heart, too. I know she’s going to love it. I can’t tell her ahead of time or she’ll explode. The thing that is making me crave a nice big drink with an umbrella in it, though, is imagining managing the crowd. It’s at a huge venue which will be packed with lots of other kids her age and younger.Crowds with small children kind of freak me out. But it’s worth it.

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