are hard when you’re a little girl.

On Friday, Selam LOVED kindergarten but HATED after school program. She cried and begged me never to make her go again. She says people yelled at her and that nobody was listening to the teachers. And after sobbing this to me (this is SO out of character for her), she then grabbed a toy from the hand of a smaller child.  I have NEVER seen her do something like that.

So I went back and spoke with the director just to try to figure out what happened. He got a little defensive, as I suspected he would. He runs a great program.  I wasn’t trying to complain. I just wanted to know what might have happened to make her feel this way.  Near as I can tell four things are a factor: a) the counselors are speaking loudly in order to be heard in a large group and she sees that as yelling, b) the kids probably aren’t behaving very well c) it’s not structured enough for her.  and d) I wonder if part of her thought that when I said she was going to the JCC, she was going to go back to her old room and teachers?

Today, she threw a fit at church because she didn’t want me to “leave” her in order to lead worship.  She sat in the front pew and cried.  During the children’s sermon, she wouldn’t look at me. After church, though, she was just fine.

At the kindergarten picnic, she spent the first half of the time attached to my leg. The second half, she was fine–but that was only when she got to play with the two kids that she already knows.

She’s struggling and worrying and can’t put anything into words.

And I’m just grabbing tight.  Poor little duckie. Transitions are so hard.


2 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. I hear you. Elliot was horrible at transitions for awhile. He’s gotten so much better but it was rocky for awhile. He would misbehave or hide under a table. It was really the same anxiety but expressed differently. It was hard to explain to his caregivers but we had some awesome people and some sensory testing that helped us understand. Selam is probably old enough to know she hates transitions but unable to put it in words. Sounds like she has some noise defensiveness (so does Elliot- noisy, chaotic places makes him crazy). Good luck! The first two weeks are the worst but then we all get into the routine.

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