are not going well.  She cried before school all week and after school, too. the teacher says she’s tired and droopy at school every afternoon. She may be coming down with something. She’s probably hungry (11 a.m. lunch and no snacks) but I suspect she’s just unhappy.  I hope it’s just a transition and not a permanent condition.

She keeps saying, “I’m just no good.”

Please let this be a short lived phase.




2 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. We’re going through something similar with an 11th grade flavor. The year always begins with drama and sadness and angst, then levels off. I’m guessing if you give it a little more time, the adjustments will occur and things will get smoother for her. Sure hope so, for both of you. It’s hard to live through while it’s happening (even after 11 years of experience).

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