birthday party plans

Selam will be five on Tuesday.  We’ll probably get pizza or injera, and there will be cake and presents from family members. Then on Sunday, she’s having a party at camp in the treehouse.  Right now, only 3 kids are coming (out of 10).  I know 2 other kids are in the “trying to work it out” stage, and the other 5 I haven’t heard from.  I can’t quite figure out when I should write a reminder email.  I don’t want to be pushy, but I’d like to have numbers.  I’m hopeful for 5 kids.  I know camp is far away for a birthday party (it’s a little over an hour), I did invite brothers and sisters to ameliorate that a bit.  We’ll see. So far, she’s been quite fine about the smallish response.  Last year, we invited 21 kids to her birthday party and 17 came. It was insane.  I wanted to invite her whole class because she was new at the school and I thought it might be a way to break in socially.  What ended up happening was Selam played with the 4 kids that she knew outside of school and the school friends played with each other.  I could have saved a whole lot of money and anxiety by just inviting the 4 kids she already knew! Hence, this year, it’s just the kids she knows and likes the best.  Coming up with the guest list was hard, because she wanted to invite everyone she’d ever met, but we eventually got it down to 6 kids from last year’s school and 4 home friends. And i’m doing it myself and I can make my own food, so it’s much less money. (Last year it was at the JCC and all the food had to be kosher).

So, it’s a pinkalicious teapot (tea) party in the camp treehouse. Because, you know, 3 themes together is much better than one.  This is what I have planned:

kids arrive, and as they gather we are going to decorate hats.  I have some plastic top hats and some fancy garden hats that I got on the super cheap.  I have mountains of decorative stuff mostly from my own stores, though I did buy some foam stickers today, too.  While kids are decorating, if it’s nice out, we’ll have some balls and frisbees and they’ll just play.  If it’s raining, we’ll be inside somewhere (I have to ask camp where we can be.)  Then, I’m going to get the kids together for a few party games.  I am making a giant cupcake poster this weekend to do pin the cherry on the cupcake. Selam wants to play duck, duck goose.  We might do some silly relays.  If it’s a biggish crowd, we might get out the parachute and play parachute games. Next, we’ll “hike” to the treehouse (if it’s nice out).  The treehouse is actually not far away at all, but I figured I’d send them on the roundabout way so that it’s a bigger adventure.  I can’t decide if we’ll just walk there, or if I’ll make it some sort of a treasure hunt, even by hanging pink clues in trees so they have to find their way.

Then, before going up into the treehouse, I have more oriental trading post goodies for them–boas, bow ties, boutonnieres, rings, and bracelets to fancy up.  I might also borrow some stuff from the theatre to get fancier.  Then they can go up in the treehouse, which I’m decorating with outrageous quantities of pink crepe paper.  We’ll have cupcakes and pink lemonaid.  I bought these really cute straw cups that are shaped like tea cups.  Then we’re going to read the book pinkalicious.  I may or may not have some pink face paint to make the kids become pinker and pinker.  Then (this is my favorite part and it’s actually Selam’s idea), our friend the camp doc is going to knock on the door and diagnose all the children with a rare and acute case of pinkititis. The only cure is to eat green food.  I’m going to have green grapes and maybe broccoli to cure everyone.  I thought about green m and ms, but it’s already a pretty sugary day!  Then we’ll have the pinata (cupcake shaped).  If there’s time after that, I’m thinking we just let the kids play.  The treehouse can hold a kid’s attention for a half hour easily, if it’s your first time up there.  And if the weather’s nice, it’s right next to a huge playing field.  It’s also next to the mini golf course, but I am fearful of the idea of giving clubs to small children hyped up on sugar!

I hope it’s going to be fun.  I hope a few more kids come. I hope she’s happy. I hope it doesn’t rain.   So far, it’s been fun to plan.  So far, also, despite ordering lots of stuff from Oriental trading, it’s only been 50 bucks for the goodies and treat bag stuff.  I still need to pay for food and I need some actual bags to put the goodies in but generally speaking, it’s been pretty cheap (compared to last year). It’s been a lot of work, but a labor of love.

I’m taking suggestions for party games.  I keep coming up with games that are basically contests/races, and kids are so sensitive about losing at this age ….



3 thoughts on “birthday party plans

  1. Ummm…the birthday party sounds AWESOME! I wish I could be there to help you plan or craft- seriously, I don’t think I could have imagined a more spectacular birthday party.

  2. For games, how about Duck, Duck, Goose. You could rename it “pink, pink, purple” or something like that with your theme.

    Or do relay type race games, but have them do it once and time it and then have them do it again to see if they can beat their time. (Things like balancing a cotton ball on a spoon and carrying it a distance, then returning to give the next person a turn–but the team has to get 20 cotton balls to the destination.)

    Hope it’s a wonderful day!

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