Giant Rodents

So, in a turn of extraordinary luck, Selam and I are going to D*sney in April. Squee!!!!

We can probably only swing one day in the actual park, though I’m going to try to save for two.  I really don’t want more than two.  We’re staying (for free!) at a hotel on D*sney and will have super cool pools to enjoy. So long as it’s not raining the proverbial family pets, that’s all we need. We’re going with a friend and her son and that friend’s friend and her daughter. So three moms, and 3 kids in one suite with a kid age range of nearly five to six and a half.

So bring it on. Those of you that have experienced the land where giant rodents get their pictures taken with small children: what do I need to know?  How much money should I save?  Please don’t tell me to pick a different time of year. Too late.  I know it’ll be crowded.  What else do I need to know/want to know? I’m not a D*sney person, (I’m convinced that there are D*sney persons and not D*sney persons–both of which go to D*sney) so I know pretty much nothing except that It’s a Small World and Tea Cups are on the agenda. I’m thinking of saving up by buying D*sney gift cards in small denominations monthly. Is that a good idea? bad?


3 thoughts on “Giant Rodents

  1. Squee! Wonderful!
    Ok, here are my two cents: go for Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. We thought Animal Kingdom was the most fun (and the park is beautiful with lots of good rides, and animals), but Magic Kingdom is the most quintessential D*sney. And start there, since it’s the most crowded.
    Selam will want to buy e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. And there will be opportunities to buy stuff everywhere. Each ride ends in a store. So, yeah, maybe those gift cards actually are a good plan. The good news is that there are cute things that aren’t insanely expensive. We gave our kiddo a daily allowance, which worked fine, but she’s older than your cutie pie, so it might be trickier for you.

    If you can bring lunch, do. Bring snacks at least. Use the fast pass option religiously. Seriously, it’s awesome and will allow you not to have to spend all the time in lines.
    Plan your route. Make sure you’re there when the park opens, and if you really want to make one of the meet n’ greet things, be prepared to line up. It’s worth it, though, because of the smile on kiddo’s face. There are some specific meeting spots, so if there are characters that are more popular, head there quickly.
    If you want to catch shows etc, plan ahead. You might also want to sneak in a nap, if at all possible, to make it feasible to see the fireworks. The parades are cool, but you need to be there for a while before, to save your place along the route.

    Use the pools at your hotel the day after. You don’t have to leave the area right after you check out. We stayed a little, did some laundry and some swimming, and drove when we were ready for it.

    OK…that’s all I can think of right now. So happy for you!

  2. well, i’m out of date since my kids are grown now, and our kid experience was with d*isneyland. but i recommend taking a break mid-day to go play in the pool and wind down, then going back again. definitely recommend limiting the gift store purchases — maybe something small near the beginning, and then waiting to see what she REALLY wants later.

  3. We went to D!sneyland 3 years ago, when CG was 5–I know much of the advice suggested going back to do pool play and naps in the afternoon, but that didn’t work for us. For starters, CG didn’t nap. There were 2 of us and 1 of her, so we just followed her wherever she wanted to go (which was, on the first day, to only 2 things in the park–the princess area where there were stories every two hours and big learn to royally dance performances every two hours, so there was pretty much almost always something to watch (and she waited on line to get autographs for a while, too). And the teacup and Dumbo rides, which were right across from each other.

    I think our rule of thumb was one treat per day–one day, it was getting her hair fixed up in the princess area (that was a little pricey–$20 or $30 all told, I think) and another day she wanted some candy (which was only a couple of dollars). She was happy.

    Doing the early entry if you’re in the hotel at the park is a good thing.

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