S: What’s that?

Me: Something new.

S: What is it?

Me: It’s called quinoa.

S: Do I like it?

Me: yes.

S: is it rice?

Me: no

S: is it cous cous?

Me: no

S: it looks like cous-cous

Me: it looks like it but it isn’t.

S: I like cous-cous

Me: and you’ll like quinoa, too

S: I don’t think so.

Me: Try it.

S: This is good. This is really good cous-cous.

Me: It’s not cous-cous.

S: If I can’t call it cous-cous, then I don’t like it.

Me: Okay then, how’s the cous-cous?

S: yummy. You’re the best cous-cous maker ever, Mommy.


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