Cool Junk

Yes, yes, the world is too consumeristic. I should  do all my shopping at small locally owned stores. I am horrible.

Anyways. Here are a few products that I think are just swell.

The first one is one that I don’t have (but I did put it on my A**zon wish list. By the way, did you know that you can put things on an A**zon wish list even if they are from other sites? I did not know this, but how handy? Even more handy is if everyone I know would have an A**zon wish list, or some other kind of wish list. I really like having a list. Even if I don’t get something off of the list, at least i know the general directions….anyway, I digress, I’ve had a long, hard day, and I may be a little manic….)

So aren’t these cool?  I can’t see kids necessarily containing their playing to those circles, but it’s so much easier to clean up when you just have to get things to a large circle on the floor that’s near you than, you know, actually carry it 20 feet.  I wish they made one in mesh for beach toys!




Next up is a product that has made me a very happy camper lately.  I had a small one that was just for a key and a credit card.  But recently they came out with one big enough to hold an ip–ne or an–oid. Okay, this is an AWESOME product. I don’t always have pockets, so this is a perfect  problem solver on those days.  It makes it easier to wander about my building without being “phone chick.”  Better, I can fit my keys (the whole set) in the pouch that holds the phone (instead of the phone, not in addition to the phone), which makes it easier to go to the park and other little jaunts with Selam or, um, treks to the dumpster when I’m carrying roughly 8000 pounds of rotting food. I enjoyed carrying it with my phone to NYC this last weekend.

Though I had a backpack, too, having phone and credit card hidden under my sleeve just felt a little safer.  I love mine.  Sahalie is a great little store–just wait for their frequent sales.


My other favorite product right now is quinoa. Man, I’m digging that little grain lately!


Okay, that’s it.







One thought on “Cool Junk

  1. Oh my goodness – I’m seeing one of those toy bags in my son’s future. His room is a perpetual disaster. That’s the kind of clean-up I think he could do!

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