So, in January I had a goal of eliminating 100 grocery store bags from my home.  I’m only 51 bags in and it’s November. I’m feeling a little bit twitchy about how much stuff is here, so I’m hoping to make a good sized dent on that in November. So far today, I culled 2 bags of religion books–to be sent to work for the students to snag, and a whole bag of winter gear (hats, gloves and mittens) for goodwill.

It’s hard for me not to clear the calendar and spend days digging. I kind of like the all or nothing approach. But I don’t have that kind of time so a little bit at a time it is. …..

One of the other challenges if finding the time to actually rid myself of the things that are sorted for removal.  I have 4 bags in my closet right now that need to go to the kid’s consignment shop. I just never seem to find the time…..


One thought on “Purge

  1. I keep my car full of stuff to get out of the house – in case I’m ever randomly driving by the right place. Minimizes declaring a day ‘drop off stuff day’.

    But I so hear you!

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