Cheese and Crackers

In kindergarten, every morning there is a morning message that the kids “read.” After they read it, there’s something to do–draw a picture of this, make a number 4, etc.

On Tuesday, the kids were asked to write their favorite Thanksgiving food. Selam was the third to arrive. One girl wrote “turkie”. One wrote “chez.” Selam said, “I like cheese!” The teacher said, “we already have cheese, what are you going to write, Selam?” Someone in the growing crowd said, “crackers!” so Selam decided to write crackers: “krkz”

Reader, cheese and crackers have not been a part of any thanksgiving we’ve had.

Or really ever served in our home.

Does anyone remember the time she told the doctor that her favorite food was roast beef, even though she’d never had it?

Tuesday night, she said, “Mommy did you buy cheese and crackers?”

“Well, we have cheese and we have crackers already”

“Okay. We need them for Thanksgiving.”

Wednesday, when I got her at the JCC, she was drawing a picture of cheese and crackers for the group picture about Thanksgiving dinner. There was the table, laden with turkey, gravy, potatoes, rolls, sweet potatoes, green beans, pies, and cheese and crackers.

“Bye Selam, have a nice Turkey day.”

“Bye Cameron, have some yummy cheese and crackers, too.”

When we woke up today, I said, “it’s Thanksgiving!” and she said, “yay! cheese and crackers.”

Whatever ends up on your table today, I hope it’s served with a heaping side dish of gratitude and love.

And cheese and crackers.


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