Credo the Third

Christmas music may be about:

  • Jesus’ birth
  • general winter merriment
  • Advent
  • Santa Claus

Christmas music that is about

  • falling in love
  • being in love
  • not being in love
  • being lonesome because one is not with one that one loves

is not Christmas music.

I’m amazed and appalled at the amount of “Christmas” music that is really just a love song. Because nothing is more romantic than a knocked up virgin? or a guy in a red suit bringing presents?

I don’t get it. I’m not a total scrooge. I like the fat guy as much as the next person–in appropriate doses and at appropriate times–but that’s my limit.  I don’t care that you gave him your heart last Christmas.  This year, think socks, or wine–then don’t write a song about it. Unless, of course, it’s Jesus you gave your heart to–that would work.

Bah Romantic Humbug!


3 thoughts on “Credo the Third

  1. What about songs concerning family gatherings at Christmas and shopping for a carpet sweepers? or unfortunate accidents involving reindeer and grandma?

  2. Totally agree (although if my grandma got run over by a reindeer I’d totally memorialize it!)The worst offender in my mind – the tart who is actually hitting on St. Nick in Santa Baby. Weird….

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