Parenting Olympics

I just read this post, from a blog I’ve never read before. It was linked from another blog that I do regularly read.  The funny thing is that I have two or three similar (but not as well written) posts in my draft box.  She hits it on the head.

Honestly, folks, I am tired. I am tired of parent competitions. Yes, there are competitive parents–the ones who make a point of mentioning how advanced their kids are in this, that and the other.  That’s annoying, but you can kind of see right through that one.  What I’m tired of is the suffering competition in the parent olympics.  The suffering competition that means that no matter how tired you are, it’s not worth a yawn because someone else has 5 kids and you have just the one. The suffering competition that means that no matter how frustrating your child is being at a given moment, you better be grateful because at least she’s not a teenager. I’m tired of that. 

Sometimes parenting, in any form, is just plain exhausting and frustrating.  Yes,  yes, it’s worth it 100%. But sometimes it’s nice to just say, “dang, I’m tired” without wondering whether or not you’re the most tired person in the room and therefore allowed to say it. 


3 thoughts on “Parenting Olympics

  1. Yup, it’s tiring and we’re all doing our best. And sometimes we just want a break, just 10 minutes to think. I get upset when people imply that there is one way to do the job and that their way is the best way. What works for one kid, one family, is a disaster in another. There is no perfect family. As my father-in-law says, keep your beak up!

  2. The comments to that post are fascinating, too: an exploration of the ways in which sometimes you can say, some things ARE harder than others but in a way that still recognizes it’s all hard.

    What I love about reading blogs is always having a place to have other people to say “yeah, that happens to me, too,” or “yeah, that sucks” from time to time. (with plenty of opportunities for “you rock!” or “that’s great!” as appropriate.) My invisible friends in the computer go a long way toward surrounding me with the kind of support and feedback that makes me feel part of a community, not a competition.

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