Magic Penny

Selam learned the magic penny song in Sunday School. She’s also learning simple math in school. She’s not buying that magic penny concept.

“If you take something away, you have less, not more.”

This was followed by a long conversation wherein Rober-Mommy tried to debunk the scarcity narratives prominent in our culture.  I valiantly tried to give examples of how some commodities aren’t quantifiable, like love, or human rights. Blah, blah, blah.

Yeah. Didn’t work.

For lunch we had leftover lasagna, a meal that she did in fact like the first time around, but which is not popular on the re-runs. She claimed to be eating it, but the plate appeared untouched.

“I understand magic penny now. It’s like lasagna. No matter how much I eat, there’s still too much left.”


Love is like an unwanted lasagna, unwanted lasagna, unwanted lasagna….

One thought on “Magic Penny

  1. Always like your “talks with Selam” Hey, there’s a good book title! Have you sent some samples to an agent yet?! Do it!

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