Radio Silence

I am not good at writing regularly on this thing. For one, although the stats bar claims people are reading this, I’m not sure who they are or why they are interested in the contents of my brain. Who are you–doot doot, doot doo?
For two, I’m lazy.

It’s mostly number 2, I guess.

It’s been a challenging week. There are mean girls at school and sometimes the kids just can’t work it out themselves, especially when it’s escalating. So I was that mom, talking to the teacher and asking for more supervision. Or maybe demanding it. I’m not sure how that was perceived.

And sometimes, as Selam says, “It’s hard to go to school when you’re a little girl.” So I’ve done my share of fussing this week, over the things that are hard about going to school when you’re a little girl.

We have a weekend chock-a-block full of activity to attend to. On Saturday, there are 3 back-to-back birthday parties in 3 different towns. Two are for children and one is for the Girl Scouts’ 100th birthday. All three will involve cake. At nine p.m. I will attempt to scrape my over-stimulated and over sugared daughter off of the ceiling of a college basketball arena (they are going to watch a ball game after birthday party number 3).

Hope your weekend involves lots of cake, too!


8 thoughts on “Radio Silence

  1. I read all your posts via Google reader, so I am not sure if I appear in your stats. I love hearing about Slam, her strength, and her joy. I think you are a great little family and I enjoy what you write, whenever you write it. Blogging is not supposed to be about apologies, so no worries.

  2. I love what you write whenever you have time to write!
    Since you asked: I found your blog on the revgalblogpals site, when i was just kind of clicking through the webring on blog titles that struck my fancy (the sky is laughing definitely struck my fancy!), looking for something inspiring to read, and so that’s how i started reading. I’ve kept reading because your posts are just lovely and honest. Also, I am a presbyterian pastor as well, and so i love how your reflections weave together life and family and love with faith.
    Anyhow, i hope the situation improves with the mean girl. your daughter is right, it is hard to go to school when you’re a little girl. sometimes when you’re a big girl, too. it sounds like she has a great mom who supports her, so i think things’ll get easier with time.
    thank you for sharing your reflections and thoughts with us! i look forward to more posts!

  3. I’m not sure how I found your blog, but I have been reading for quite a while and really enjoy your writing. I am an adoptive mom with a daughter about Selam’s age so I guess that is a lot of what draws me to your blog. I enjoy all posts, but the adoption related ones are most interesting to me. Hope the school situation for Selam improves!

  4. I also read your posts via Google Reader-And not sure, really how I found it. Even though I don’t leave comments normally, I enjoy your posts. Please keep it up. Although, I haven’t much room to talk, the last time I updated my own blog was in July.

  5. I found your blog through MaryAnn Dana at The Blue Room. I keep coming back because my daughter is about Selam’s age, and it’s helpful to have another perspective on some of the problems my Four-Year-Old faces.

    Plus when you do post, it’s always interesting stuff.

  6. Once while explaining to a woman giving me a facial my daily skin care routine (soap) I said I guess I don’t do more because I’m lazy. And she gave me an amazing gift – because she said – you aren’t lazy – just busy doing all sorts of things. It’s ok.

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