The Hard and Easy Lessons of the Heart

  • Getting invited to a birthday party is great fun. Finding out that some of your friends were not invited and are sad, is not.
  • Suggesting that when it’s your birthday you want to invite everyone in your kindergarten class AND your Pre-K 4 class AND your “home friends” AND your Girl Scout troop AND your Sunday School class AND your ballet class is a sweet concept that warms your mama’s heart. But it won’t happen. That’s a sad lesson for another day, though, since your birthday is in October.
  • We really can’t add any more animals to our household, even if the man trying to sell them to us at the stop light says they are “housebroken and really nice.”
  • The game where the boys chase the girls and try to kiss them is all fun and games until somebody gets kissed. Then the game ends, and everybody has a big conversation about how kissing is gross.
  • Being a bride sounds really great until you realize that while you wear the pretty dress, you do have to kiss the boy and you don’t get to go back to your mommy’s house. So, being a blue girl is a better idea because they wear pretty dresses but don’t have to leave their mommies.
  • When you tell the kids in your class that you really can have two mommies in a family and they don’t believe you, it makes you cry a little because “they just don’t know my friend, Mommy.”
  • Sometimes, when you’ve amassed a large number of play date and special outings IOUs, your mommy will suggest trying to invite some of these children to your house. Because it’s polite. And because they are your friends. And because it will be fun. And because the apartment is clean. It’s okay, though, to respond by saying, “I really just want a playdate with Mommy, because you are my one true forever friend.” Because, chances are, that will melt your mother’s heart. And perhaps she’ll consider engraving it on a locket, or writing it on the sky, or at the very least embroidering it on her heart.  Mommy is very happy to be your one true forever friend.  But even happier to be your mommy.

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