is kicking my heiny.

I no longer want to walk in the building because every time I do, there’s one more thing I should/must/might want to do.

No, I do not want to contribute to the baskets for auction.

No, I do not want to go to the spaghetti dinner.

No, I do not want to artfully arrange said baskets.

No, I do not particularly want to drill my child on sightwords, but I’ll do it.

Yes, I would love to sign her up for one of the many cool after school enrichment activities, but no, I won’t be doing that, because she has to go to after school program, and the fun enrichment programs end at 4.

Yes, I would love to help in the classroom, but I can’t. I have to work.

Yes, I would love to have Selam’s grandparents help in the classroom, but unless you can do it by skype, I think the 3 hour flight would be too long of a commute.

No, I do not particularly want to be part of parent teacher group.  I want to spend my spare time with my duck, not other parents.

Yes, I do want to read with my duck from the same books as she is reading in school.

Yes, I am tired. Really tired.

So is the duck.

I mostly remember naps, graham crackers and crayons from kindergarten. When did it get so hard?


10 thoughts on “Kindergarten

  1. Oh, this brings back memories. When my kid were little, they’d dump out their backpacks after school, and I’d end up with a whole pile of papers — papers asking me to sign up for something, or buy something, or donate something, or give permission for something. I’d have to root through all that crap just to find their artwork or schoolwork, the stuff I actually wanted to see.

  2. Agreed. Amen.

    We’ve got a new policy. We DO NOT participate in fundraisers. We’ll give to the cause, but will not buy the cookies/wrapping paper/ popcorn.

    Exceptions granted for girl scout cookies.

  3. I have one word for you: STATE TESTING. Oh wait, that was two. It has totally changed kindergarten- and not in a good way. It’s pressure, pressure, pressure and we are doing a disservice to our youngest people. I know your pain but we LOVE Elliot’s teachers and do what we can. I loved attending a field trip with El. It was the best.

    Oh yeah, and I HATE fundraisers!!!!!!!

  4. Tonight’s fundraiser, which we skipped, involved creating these baskets–one per room–made up of donated items. They were then auctioned at a spaghetti dinner, which cost 10 bucks per adult and 5 bucks per child. Who do you think was at the dinner? yeah, the people who donated the stuff for the boxes. All this was to make money to update the website, which could be done for approximately nothing. But if you wanted a fancier site, just tell us how much it costs. I’d rather just give you cash than go through the rigamarole of overpriced pasta and donating stuff for an auction.

    We stayed home and drilled sight words instead.

  5. Yup, it’s a whole new ballgame. It’s all based on testing now and trying to get good test scores. First grade homework is kicking MY butt. Two hours of homework at night is not unusual. And I don’t even take OUT the fundraiser information any more. I will collect pennies for cancer but I won’t sell cookie dough any longer. Girl Scout Cookies are enough. We were much freer when we were young…..i think we actually got to play every day after school!

  6. I agree with MaryAnn. As much as I hate paying property taxes (since there are relatively few homeowners, we’re taxed on our cars), I’d rather pay MORE taxes and have a fundraiser-free school.

    Now, that said, I don’t mind fundraisers that are clearly something that the kids want to do and that they are going to learn something from in the process. So, the 8th graders at her school are raising money for their 8th grade field trip to Ellis Island. They’re doing all their own stuff-bake sales and dances and whatnot. This I don’t mind. I’ll buy some cookies, especially when the kids explain that they made them themselves. Girl Scout cookies–fine–the girls set individual and troop goals, they learn about customer service, they give some of the money away–fine. It’s the whole school fundraisers that I can’t handle. So much time and energy for such small results.

    I think I’d die if we had 2 hours of homework at night. She now has roughly 15 minutes a night of just reading out loud. That’s fine. But two hours, Jenny? By the time we get home from the JCC it’s 6, and then there’s dinner and she’s in bed at 8. When would homework fit in?

  7. I had to take them out of afterschool care so we could get home by 5 and have an extra hour for homework. It was just too stressful to pick them up at 6…..i was a crazy woman. Now I pay for someone to pick them up and keep them for 1/2 hr each day until I get off work. They DO seem to be getting the hang of homework a little more, so it is taking a bit less time. But that 2 hrs sometimes does not include sight word flash cards and reading. I was told it gets easier once they REALLY know how to read. Also, remember I have two first graders, not one.

  8. Also, the teachers, when they realized I was freaking out, modified the homework and told me what to concentrate on if we could not finish it.

  9. I still think they should just make the school day longer (helps with the “after school” situation) and do what they need to right there. With the exception of some reading kids that young DO NOT NEED HOMEWORK.

    And OMG the fundraisers….totally agree about the taxes. My kids are all grown now but I would still pay more taxes to support the schools

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