On my honor to the United States of America

So, part of the whole Daisy troop thing is a weekly flag ceremony.  I have a kaper chart for which patrol does the ceremony each week, and another kaper chart for which girl in the patrol gets to be the flag holder. Oh, the flag holder, the most coveted of positions. These girls have spent most of their young lives waiting to be the one to carry the flag from one end of the meeting room to the other. This somber act requires a lot of giggling, and occasionally some elbowing for room. 

The girls who are not flag holders get to lead the Girl Scout promise and the Pledge of Allegiance. The girls in public school know the pledge (though some, ahem, believe it ends with the words “today’s lunch will be…”), but the girls at the Jewish school do not (this kindergarten is the upper grade of a pre-school–I’m sure they’ll be saying the pledge once they transfer to the elementary school.) Still, they will battle to lead it.  Little Blondie took on the pledge this week, and when it was time, she confidently started everyone off with “On my honor, I will pledge to the United…” 

The best part is nobody even blinked. 

When Scouts was over, I delivered her back to her classroom, where her mother picked her up. 

“Mommy!” she announced, “I said the Baruch Ata…” 

While mother and daughter reunited, Selam said to me, “I thought it was called the Lord’s Prayer.” 

You can’t make this stuff up. 


2 thoughts on “On my honor to the United States of America

  1. I have a friend who happens to be African American. When her son was 8 yrs old, he did a report on Martin Luther King, Jr. The report started with,
    “Martin Luther King, Jr. was the most wonderful man in the whole White world!”

    She and I always got a kick out of that.

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