new, really. How’s about you? I’m thinking a lot about our impending vacation (to the Mouse place).  I have a reservation for lunch with the princesses. In what universe have I become a person whose most expensive lunch ever is at a palace with princesses? That was a big splurge, so we’ll have to keep everything else low key that week.  But seriously? She’s going to flip out.

I haven’t told her yet. The plan is for the day we leave, or possibly the day before.  I truly cannot wait to see her face. Most of her friends have been to Disney, which is something she’s just figured out.  She asked me if she had no birthday presents would that be enough to go visit the princesses? When I said no, she said, “maybe no birthday and no Christmas?” I told her we’d try really hard to go when she was 6 or 7. She suggested that maybe she could sell girl scout cookies to go, or else sell some of her toys.

She is definitely the right age for this.

She is going to flip.out.

Hee. hee.

We’ve had a spit of warm weather lately, so I was able to talk her into trying on all the potentially fitting clothes from last year as well as the collection of handmedowns, and it turns out she’s really well outfitted for spring/summer.  I think I can even get a few more months out of her sandals—she’s right at the edge of them, but the toes aren’t over the top yet! I think the only thing I have yet to do is to check to see if the sunscreen has expired.

I’m a little worried about her making it for a long day at the park, and since we’re only going for two days, I know the days will be pretty long. We will definitely take a break in the middle, but she’s going to be sad if she misses the parade and fireworks, so we’ll have to go back.  I wish I could bring her wagon. She’s too old for a stroller, but she just doesn’t have the stamina for a long day. She gets tired so much easier than other kids do.  Perhaps that’s my workout plan for the week–carrying around a 40 pound weight!

Who wants to take bets on what crazy things she’ll say to the princesses?  She was talking about them the other day and asked me if they lived in the same castle, and I said, well, Tiana married Prince Naveen, so they probably live together, and Cinderella lives with Prince Charming….Selam pipes up wtih,”just because they got married doesn’t mean they live together, Mommy” in her very best “duh” voice. She is sticking to her theory of all the princesses flitting about in long dresses in the same castle….kind of like a sorority. But with tiaras.


4 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. As a native from the land of the Princesses, You may should check out the strollers on property. They are much bigger and roomier than typical strollers. My 6 & 8 year old sons sit in there when tired.

    The park will be hot, don’t forget your water! WHen you first enter, go to guests services on the left and get the special birthday button for your princess. The cast will spend the entire visit wishing her a very happy birthday. Enjoy!

  2. I cannot wait to read abour her time with the princesses! I laughed at the part where you said you’re not sure how you became a parent who pays for this type of thing. I can see myself writing something similar one day.

  3. Ha! She reminds me so much of CG sometimes. CG was definitely all about all the princesses living together in a castle, and most of her imaginative play involved them interacting with each other, since the princes were invariably sick or out of town for some reason.

    One of the reasons CG didn’t get wildly exhausted when we went to the Mouse Place in CA was that we spent the entire first morning hanging around in the princess area–part of it waiting on line for autographs, but also there were crafts and various storytelling performances and big dance routines. So it was kind of quiet (in a crowded way), and then she just wanted to do two rides–the tea cups and dumbo. over and over and over.

    I found that by suspending my critical thinking at the door, I was able to enjoy the Mouse Co’s impressive ability to manage crowds, and my kid’s smile. I suspect you’ll do the same and come home w/awesome stories.

  4. My daughter is the same age as yours. We went to Disney in Jan. and I bought our stroller. We would not have survived without it and it was useful for storage underneath – lunch, water, etc.

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