I am stumbling through work today. I was up late last night, trying to figure out money stuff for D*sney (those tickets are so dang expensive. I think they should sell them by the hour. I want the pass where we can go every day for 8 days for just 2 hours each day. That would be perfect. Where is that pass?) and fussing over school decisions for Selam. What is it about just before bed that makes you me start fussing out decisions? And seriously, WHERE IS THE MAGIC 8 BALL when you need it?

Dear Magic 8 ball: Should I shell out most of our vacation fund on tickets to the parks and scrimp on food or tell her that Cinderella is getting her teeth cleaned for most of the week and stay at the hotel swimming and drinking fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas?

Dear Magic 8 ball: Is this going to be too much stimulation or walking for wee girl?

Dear Magic 8 ball: kindergarten or first grade? (Don’t you love how this big decision is placed on par with D*sney tickets?)

Dear Magic 8 ball: Are they ever going to reprise Ally McBeal because I really liked that show? How about Northern Exposure?

My fitbit claims that I got a mere 4 hours of sleep last night. Can you tell?

2 thoughts on “Stumbling

  1. Ah, decisions, decisions. I think I’d lean toward going to the parks b/c you don’t need to fly to D-land to swim at a hotel. And b/c I hate hotel pools, myself. (I think I’ve mentioned before that CG didn’t find D-land that overstimulating in part b/c she just wanted to do the same few things over and over and over. So you and S. might find it less overstimulating than you might expect. Or not! YMMV, of course.)

    And on K/1st grade: CG looped around in pre-K and started K a year later than she might have, so if you want to talk about that, I’m happy to (either here in comments or by e-mail).

    • Thanks. I wish I’d done that….looped around. It just didn’t occur to me, so now I’m in a spot that I prefer not to be. Fortunately one friend (who doesn’t go to Selam’s school, but is a girl scout buddy) is definitely repeating kindergarten, so if I go that way, she won’t have the “only one” syndrome.

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