So I found another potential writer’s workshop (I never applied for the summer one…not enough time and the competition was too stiff to even put my stuff out there if I didn’t have months to work on it).  I have 3 weeks to get together an application.  It’s a long shot, as it says they prefer writers new to ministry…cough nearly 19 years is new, right? cough…but it’s free, so might as well.

So, loyal readers (n=3), which blog post should I use as scaffolding to create a writing sample?


7 thoughts on “writer

  1. One of the many that have made me cry. There have been a few. A shorter deadline can be good because you just have to do and and not second guess yourself. Even though I am totally stressed, I like a deadline. It puts my feat to the fire so to speak.

  2. You’ve taken my breath away with the recent one about being there when she learned how to play, and the facebook note you posted right before you adopted her–the letter to her birth mother.

  3. The one about going to see Charlotte’s web – love is a practical as brown shoes. That post made me cry. I sent it to my daughter, who is moving out soon. She cried too.

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