the books, the papers, the photos

In the last month or two at least a dozen folks I know have had books published.  There are a couple more coming out soon. I know (vicariously) what goes into putting a book together. Today, we all got an email, though, from our Dean who is stepping back onto the faculty, and a retiring faculty member.  “We have too many books,” he said (in so many words). “There will be a big giveaway on Thursday….come take them home. In fact, if you have books of your own to donate, bring them in….”

My daughter produces an outrageous amount of pictures. There are at least five or six a day–sometimes more.  And they all get dutifully piled up on the shelf, even those that are just one scribble on the corner.  At night, sometimes the art fairy removes some (especially those one-scribble on the corner ones).  But woe to she who tries to send a picture to the recycling bin while the artist is awake.  “We have so many pictures that you’ve drawn,” I say. “But they are all different. This is the only picture that I made of a cat and a bowl on dance day in April when I was five and a half.” And that, in fact, is true.

The computer keeps telling me that my start-up disk is too full, and I need to delete. I know exactly who the culprit is, and I warily open my iphoto program.  I could burn to disk, of course, but I’d never look at them.  I could eliminate maybe half of the photos easily.  I have, for example, 16 photos of Selam in her Easter dress. But I can’t bring myself to do it. You know it’s the only photo of I have of her at 10:12 on Easter day when she was five and a half.

So many words and scribbles and smiling faces…we are all gluttons, no?

There are worse things.



2 thoughts on “the books, the papers, the photos

  1. This post so didn’t go where I was expecting it to when I read the first line! And I love it. I still have boxes in my attic full of things each of my kids created in preschool and school (and truth be told, some *I* created as a kid, too)

    and oh, the books, the books….

    There are, indeed, worse things!

  2. I can get rid of clothes or toys or kitchen stuff or furniture … but you’ve named exactly the three things I can’t ever part with: books, photos, kids’ art.

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