Up at the crack of

Can’t decide whether or not to go to church, as we have a looooong commencement worship (baccalaureate for the post baccalaureate degreed crowd) later today and I’m not sure how much churching Selam can take in one day.

Our fate is decided when the fire alarm goes off. Forty-five minutes outside. We come in and I get the girl in the tub, and the alarm goes off again. At 9:30, it’s obvious we are not going to be present at a 10 o’clock service 20 minutes away from here. She’s splashing around in there right now, happy as a lark.

Today is the ballet recital. It’s at 1. She needs to be there at 12:40.  Her costume is blue this year, which disappointed the girls–they were hoping for pink, but blue looks best on her so I’m secretly happy. (Last year the kindergartners got pink, so they thought it was their birthright.)

I love her dance teacher. No rehearsal. $36 costumes. No instructions about hair or makeup.  She loves to teach.  She says something unique, specific,  and positive to each girl each week. Last week, she told Selam that her leap was effortless, and that the way she held her arms while she leapt was delicate and airy.  “Everyone look at Selam for a minute,” she said, and had Selam repeat her delicate, airy and effortless leap.  The girls murmered in appreciation. A few minutes later, “Everyone look at Sofia for a minute” and they all appreciated her graceful arabesque.  Each child is called out, and admired.  I love how the girls are taught to appreciate and praise one another’s specific contributions. I also love how the girls have not yet caught on.

“I think,” Selam said after her last class, “that I must be a really good ballerina, because of Miss Christine always tells everybody to look at me.”

I’ll be buying that teacher flowers today.  Yes, I will.





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