Yesterday was Selam’s dance recital. I suppose it’s immodest to say so, but she’s really pretty good. She’s so graceful–unless she thinks you’re watching.

Next year is the last year for ballet at the JCC. They only do 4 years worth (and she missed the first one).  Also, the ballet she gets there is a mixed class–half ballet and half tap.  Several of the girls in her dance class take a second ballet class every week at one of the two bigger studios.  Selam has been asking to take two dances every week.  She especially wants to take dance at the studio that puts on the nutcracker.  She wants to be a reindeer or a petit fours in the nutcracker. So, after the recital, and soaking up a few compliments about her abilities, I thought maybe we could do that.  I looked up the lessons.  It would be a lot, especially if we stayed at the JCC (which I would like to do for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the amazing teacher), but manageable if I’m really careful this summer with my summer preaching money.

This morning, one of her fellow kindergarten classmates announced that he was in a piano recital on Sunday.  I asked his parents about where he studied. We have a piano, and I really want for her to have lessons at some point.  Selam asked me if she could take lessons on the piano like Eli.   So today, I looked up that information, too.  That, too would be do-able, but we couldn’t do all three–double dance and piano.  Well, maybe if we can find a piano teacher that is cheaper (I think the lessons at the music school are pricey, and a private teacher, like maybe one of my grad students  might be cheaper.)

This was in the back of my mind all day, trying to figure out how I could make this happen.  She’s not getting the confidence boost at school, and she is good at dance and can carry a tune in music, so I think she’ll be good at that too.  Maybe I should do whatever it takes to get her lessons in that in which she excels?  Right? right?

When I got her at the JCC, I told her that I looked these things up, and asked her what she thought would be more exciting–double dance or one dance and piano?

“I changed my mind.”

“You did?”

“I want to take Irish Dancing, Hip Hop, Bagpipes and Guitar.”

“You do?”

“Well, and Miss Christine, too, of course.”

Tomorrow’s word for the day is finitude.



3 thoughts on “finitude

    • Do NOT encourage her, Els! She is interested in Irish Dance because she saw it on an Angelina Ballerina episode a year or so ago. Hip Hop is from the dance recital. Bagpipes–Sesame Street. Guitar: Unka Tim. She is easily influenced.

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