When I got to the JCC, the program counselor warned me that Selam was not in a good mood.  She was mad because her favorite male counselor was playing with (shocking!) the kids in his age group in the gym and not with her. This apparently prompted a big pout from Selam.

Sure enough, when the kids came upstairs from the gym, she ran to me and told me that she really, really missed me and that JCC was awful today. “Was it awful because Cameron was with his group?” “Yes, I was jealous” she said and laid her head on my lap for a few minutes of sighing about the very sorry state of the world.

In the car on the way home, I learned the true source of her discontent. While it’s true that she adores the male counselors at after school, almost every time we have a jelaousy moment over their attentions, it’s really about something else.

Selam got in trouble at school today.

The true details are hard to figure out.  But the bottom line is that she was talking during clean up time and didn’t get clean up done (or even started, it sounds like) and the teacher made her stay in from recess to finish cleaning up.  There was one other boy who suffered a similar fate. What’s more, the beloved and adored teacher’s aide had to stay in with them and he was grouchy with them (according to Selam, who is probably not the most reliable witness) and he is never grouchy.

She is still rather mad.  She will admit that she made a bad choice, and that it’s not fair for other people to clean up and not her. But the whole thing is just terribly not fair because it was her only recess of the day and the teacher just took it away and that’s just not fair. Have I mentioned that she thinks this is unfair?

I asked her what she would do tomorrow to make the outcome better.

She decided she would go to computers instead of drawing for free choice.

“Oh, are the kids who usually go to computers less likely to talk with you during cleanup?”

“No. There’s no clean up if you go to computers.”

“So, her solution to the whole not getting so involved in chatting that you fail to follow the instructions to clean-up thing is to just choose the only activity that has no cleanup associated with it.

You know, there were these guys that I went to college with who only ate food that could be microwaved or eaten cold.

Because they didn’t want to have to clean the oven or stove-top when they moved out.




4 thoughts on “trouble

  1. Yeah… I can relate to this tactic. Juliette complained to me that she doesn’t know how to draw hands today, and I told her how I used to draw people with their hands behind their backs so I wouldn’t have to worry about drawing fingers. She kind of rolled her eyes and drew a few more Edward Scissorhands people. 😉

  2. That was totally the Kid when he was in kindergarten…and older. BUT he outgrew it. And he’s pretty responsible and self-sufficient these days. He even cooks and does his own laundry. So don’t despair 🙂

  3. My eldest uses the same reasoning with tying shoes. He struggles to fasten shoes with laces, so he was planning on wearing velcro for the rest of his life. But then he chose some cool skateboarding shoes and has now decided that his sister will tie his shoes for the rest of his (and her) life.

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