The not sick sick girl

Last night: temp was 102.1, said her throat was sore, voluntarily went to bed early. woke up at midnight and asked for more “sore throat pills” which are actually children’s tylenol for the fever. She was back at 101.1, so I gave them to her. 

This morning: she feels cool to the touch, so I get ready for school and a special field trip to the beach that she claims she’s excited about. She wakes up, tells me her ear hurts and her throat. I call both of us in sick. 

This morning: 7:30 a.m. she tells me that she’s “all better” and we should go to the park.  “What about your ear?” “All better.” “And your throat?” “All Better.” 

I smell a rat. 

I asked her if her ear and throat hurt and she admitted she lied. 

It’s also clear she forgot about the field trip. 

Even though I could have thrown things together and gotten both of us to school, I decide to keep her home. I send her to bed. She cries pitifully. We have a long talk about lying, about the boy who cried wolf, and about why it’s important to go to school. I take a shower. I relieve her from her bed, and tell her that she will stay home today because she was truly sick last night, but we are not going to the park or doing extra fun things. 

She starts watching TV and I notice the glassy eyes. 

I take her temperature: 101.9

She claims she feels fine. 

I don’t know what’s going on.  it’s a beautiful day and we are not at the beach with her class. She says she’s sick when she feels fine. She says she feels fine when she has a little temp. 

I give up. 

But I’m not taking her to the park. 

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