Would you like some cheese with that?

Yes, yes I would. 

Selam is five. Some of her classmates are five. Most are six and a few are seven. What do we know about kids in this age group?

Structure, structure, structure.  

What is happening for the last 2 weeks of school?


It seems like there is not one day in the final 2 weeks of kindergarten where their normal routine will be followed. 

Selam generally responds to chaos by disrupting her sleep patterns, too.  In Ethiopia, when we were staying in the guest house, I thought she was the best sleeping child in the WORLD.  She’d pull off a 2 hour nap every afternoon and then slept a solid 12 hours every night. This pattern continued until the flight home, where she stayed up for the entire flight–did I mention that we took off at 8 pm?–that means that she stayed awake for nearly 48 hours straight. 

But I digress. She has been going to bed, in tears, every night at 7:30 for the last week. And then sleeping in the morning until 7 or so.  Chaos much?

I’m glad she has a reasonably healthy way of coping with stress. But I miss her! 

Today’s agenda: two parties, one of which is a surprise. I’ll start fluffing the pillows now. 


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