Selam goes to girl scout camp on Monday.  I’m excited and nervous in fairly equal numbers.  I’m excited for her to have an experience of independence.  I’m excited for my bug-loving girl to get to be out in the woods for a week, in a girl-centric environment.  We had a year of debunking everything that B told her about what girls can and cannot do.  I’m happy for her to get to experience a week where nobody tells her what girls cannot do. (And seriously B? Girls can’t play angry birds? girls can’t be veterinarians? Where do you get this stuff?)

I’m nervous because this is a first for both of us.  She’s going to a new place where I don’t get the opportunity to settle her in and not leave until she’s met the adults and feels comfortable (the girls all arrive and depart by bus every day). I’m also nervous because this camp seems to be an organizational nightmare.  I just got an email ten minutes ago with a link to a page where there are 4 forms that I need to fill out. It’s Saturday. Camp begins on Monday.  One of these is the “get to know your kid” forms that I appreciated so much when I was a counselor.  Their open house was a disaster, as well, since they failed to mention that there is literally no parking on site. So it feels crazy and I keep telling myself that so far, all of these miscommunications have come from the council, not the actual camp.  I also keep reminding myself that there were times that we were less than organized when I was a camp staff member.  The girls were still safe and had lots of fun.

Please God, let her have a lot of fun.

We saw Brave this afternoon.  Selam has been so excited about this movie.  There were parts that were a little too intense, and the overall plot was hard for her to follow, but she liked it, still.  Her favorite part  was “that the princess could do bows and arrows and ride a horse and follow adventures in the woods. ” Yes, you can learn all of that from the trailer, but still, it was what she loved.

Selam is nervous about camp, too. She’s worried that she won’t really know any kids other than her one good buddy who is going with her, and she’s also afraid she will forget her counselors’ names.  When asked what she was looking forward to, she said, “having adventures in the woods, and being with T-L.”

I wish you many adventures, sweet girl.  I hope you get to chase the bugs and that the counselors will look at them with you.  I hope you learn to build a fire and sing ridiculous songs and make friends.  I hope you and T-L get to giggle all day.  I hope that when you stare off into space, your eyes on the scattered birds, you have a counselor who wants to notice them too, or who at the very least doesn’t correct you for not focusing.  I hope you don’t have to focus.  I hope you don’t have to compete. I hope you go off in the woods to collect wood and find wildflowers. I hope you come home dirty and bug bitten and with snarled hair because you’ve just played so hard.  I want you to play so hard that you fall asleep after dinner–a deep, contented sleep that comes from living wild and  generous.    I hope that after the week is over and you go to JCC camp with B, the naysayer of strong active girls, you are able to respond to his comments with giggles.  Poor boy, he has no idea that he is so wrong. Girls can do anything, dear boy.  And Selam especially. She can do it all and then some.  Just you wait.


One thought on “braveish?

  1. CG has loved the Girl Scout day camp here in our council, even though the communications from the council sometimes leave a bit to be desired. She loves the slightly-older-girls in the counselor-in-training program, and she loves the woods and the songs and the activities. I hope Selam finds joy there. THe going off on the bus is a little tricky (although CG has always dealt with that by befriending the teenage jr counselors who meet the bus at the same stop). Glad Selam has a friend going with her.

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