Let’s start with this. I want to be Kristen at RATMV, mostly because she gets all this cool free stuff.  I want free stuff. Of course to do that I’d need to post more than once a month on average.

Anyway, she recently did a post on gluten-free, dairy-free lunches for her child who needs that.  I have no desire to make Selam GFDF, but I was interested in her lunchbox accoutrements mostly because I’m struggling with the summer lunchbox thing already.  For both of her summer camps, she has to bring all of her stuff in her backpack–which includes lunch plus  towel, swimsuit, goggles, flip-flops AND sunscreen, bug dope, raincoat, sweatshirt, water bottle and hat.  She has an LL Bean Junior backpack, which is just perfect for her for school time–fits just right and holds what she needs (oh, yeah, and was 9.99 at the outlet) , but getting everything into her backpack for camp is proving to be really hard.  I’ve noticed that most of the kids at the bus-stop have much bigger backpacks, but she’s only five.  I can’t imagine that she would remain upright while carrying a bigger one. As it is, the small one makes her whine.

So, I’m trying to keep the lunch-bag as small as I can (oh and that’s the other thing–they aren’t allowed to bring lunch boxes–they have to bring gallon ziplocks because the lunches have to fit in a fridge and you can fit more in if they aren’t in lunch boxes.

I’m a big fan of lunchskins, but I’ve been using a plastic container to do her sandwich, just because it’s so scrunched in there. Anyone have other ideas for how to keep a lunch small–and preferably using reusables?  What do you think of those flat water bottles?

5 thoughts on “lunch-time

  1. Sarals61, what a GREAT website! Thanks for the tip. The container they reference is the same one that RATMV references, so I think I may be looking for one at BB and Beyond soon. I have a gift card and this sounds like a good use for it!

  2. CG has been using a laptop lunch system for years now: it’s kind of a bento-box arrangement, which suits her very random sense of what is good to take for lunch. Today, for example, she has a bit of cookie, some kiwi fruit, some pickles, a strawberry jam sandwich, some pretzels, and some grapes. I put a nectarine in the larger lunchbox (the plastic laptop lunch container fits inside the insulated lunchbox from LLBean that she uses to carry it–the nectarine and napkin sits atop the laptop lunchbox inside the other lunchbox. We have 2 laptop lunch systems and they have lasted for years. They also come with a very small container that is useful for packing salad dressing or ketchup, and one of the containers has a cover, so if I pack something that’s a little wet, it doesn’t slosh around.

  3. Wow, those laptop lunches really appeal to my inner organizer. I would love those! I’m not sure they’d work for the summer camp system, but I’ll keep them in mind for the future…. and I signed up for their mailing list for recipes, too.

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