Stuff I like (a bloggy pinterest)

Herb Keeper: I picked up one of these on the sale table at a TJMa**. I LOVE fresh basil but can never keep it fresh for more than a day, and i have a colleague who brings me fresh mint for my iced tea….also hard to keep fresh for long.  This little doohickey really works.  It appears that this particular company is no longer making them, but others are, and  it wouldn’t be hard to replicate.  Mine fits in my condiment pocket of my fridge. Totally digging it.My cost was 4 buckeroonis.

Wet Clothes Keeper: I bought mine at Once Upon A Child, (new!with tags!) and loved it so much that I got another one on ebay (new!with tags!).  These little jobbies are meant for dirty cloth diapers (hence my excitement at finding them new with tags–some things you just don’t buy used).  I use them to send Selam’s swim suit, towel and goggles to after school program and day camp.  Works like a charm.  Wet stuff comes home and the rest of the bag is dry-machine washable, too.

I made my own Baba ganoush. I had no idea that it was so healthy (seriously? how is there no sour cream in that recipe?).  I used flax seeds instead of sesame because I didn’t have sesame. Selam gobbled it up with pretzels last night.  I suspect that if I had acknowledged that an eggplant was involved she might have been more leery.


One thought on “Stuff I like (a bloggy pinterest)

  1. We didn’t have wetbags for Juliette’s cloth diaper years, and I cannot believe how much easier (and less smellier) it is to have the bags. And, they are so much easier to schlep down to the basement than using laundry bags, I have been thinking about getting some more to use with all our laundry.

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