So, today’s lunch for Selam:

home-made guacamole (this is a particularly good batch)


baby carrots and cherry tomatoes (she dips them in guac)

dried edamame

gatorade (that stuff is disgusting but she begged)

gogosqueeze applesauce.

morning snack is organic chocolate milk & dried apricots (hey, did you know they are super high in iron?)

The kid really does not like sandwiches much. They don’t allow meat.  They can’t do warmups.  Does this sound reasonably healthy? I know the tostitos and gatorade is suspect, but other than that???

I made myself some quinoa, corn, black beans, fresh tomatoes stuff with a lime/cilantro dressing. I think it’s kind of awesome, but Selam won’t try it.

Summer is so tricky to provide food in, I think!  All I want to eat are fruits, vegetables and ice cream.



6 thoughts on “foodie

  1. That sounds way healthier than anything my own kids ate at that age. (They all eat healthy stuff NOW but not so much when they were little ….)

  2. That sounds really healthy to me, but I got caught up on “they don’t allow meat.” Forgive me for being nosy, but where are you going/what are you doing?

    • she goes to a jewish day camp! they keep kosher dairy! Selam is an enthusiastic carnivore forced to live with someone who rarely eats meat. So she’s used to getting her meat fix at lunch–at girl scout camp, I sent her with lunch meat in a tupperware–without the bread. She just liked the meat. Can’t do that at the JCC.

      • That makes sense!

        Does she like cheese? Maybe cheese and crackers or even nacho cheese dip for the tostitos (or anything else). Cottage cheese? Yogurt? If it’s allowed–peanut butter with crackers or celery? Hard-boiled eggs?

        Of the things on your list, my 4 year old would eat the tostitos and the applesauce. Maybe the chocolate milk. Carrots only if cooked. (I guess it’s not fair to say she wouldn’t eat guacamole–neither my husband or I like it so she’s never had it!)

        And I forgot to say that your quinoa concoction sounds great!

  3. she ate most of it. Guacamole is something I like just fine, but Selam really likes it and it’s a good way to get some extra nutrition into her (in my opinion) and in her opinion it’s a good way to talk me into taking chips to camp!

    she is not a big cheese fan. yogurt has gone to camp in the last two weeks but comes home uneaten and spoiled. I think we’ll be boiling up some eggs tonight. This has definitely tested my creativity. She did kosher dairy for pre-school, but they would heat up for her, so she mostly had red beans and rice or spaghetti.

    That quinoa combo is really yumalicious. It’s supposed to be made with roasted corn, which I don’t have a means of doing, and I think that would make it even more tasty.

    the dried edamame is a go-to food for us. She loves it because it’s salty, and she has talked MANY friends into eating it and they love it too. Go figure (I can’t stand it–but I do love regular edamame.)

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