Parenting Lessons

So, in October, I’ll hit three years as a parent, which I figure makes me an expert. Hence, I will bless you, my anonymous readers with my best words of wisdom.

Lesson #1: Do not ever say the words, “you can buy one thing, any thing you want” while in the dollar store. Yes, everything is just a dollar. Yes, handing your child $1.06 in exact change and watching them peruse the many goodies is fun and semi-educational. But if you say anything, and don’t like to go back on your word without extremely compelling reasons, well, that’s how you end up with a lime-green plastic recorder in your house.

Do as I say, not as I did.

One thought on “Parenting Lessons

  1. I have learned not to say that because Curious Girl gets paralyzed by all the choices, and would end up melting down b/c she was unable to make up her mind.

    Three years already–time sure flies, no?

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